Public Matters is a creative studio for civic engagement. Founded in 2007, we are an award winning, Los Angeles-based social enterprise. We design and implement proactive education and engagement strategies that transform the culture, practice, and experience of civic participation in communities of color. These strategies aim to address the trust gap between institutions and agencies and historically marginalized neighborhoods and communities.
Public Matters’ work cultivates reciprocity and accountability in order to foster a collective sense of ownership.
We prioritize a systems-thinking approach that enacts a multiplier effect to build mutual support among partners of varied scale, across disciplines and sectors, and connecting large institutions, small, grassroots organizations and schools, local businesses and individuals. Our portfolio includes the design and implementation of creative civic engagement efforts in healthy food access, tobacco control, education, arts and equitable development, public humanities, multimodal transportation, and traffic safety.

Public Matters was founded by an interdisciplinary group of multicultural artists, educators, and media specialists who came together to deepen and grow their ability to affect social change, all while using arts-based strategies to work in other fields and disciplines. Today, our team remains cross-disciplinary, multigenerational, and culturally diverse: artists, educators, designers, facilitators, public engagement specialists, and media production professionals committed to equity, engaged in collaborative creative acts for public good.
In 2014, Public Matters formally launched Urban Futures Lab, a two-year paid fellowship, training and mentorship program for young adults ages 18-26 from under-resourced Los Angeles communities who are committed to social change. The Lab is part on-the-job training, part professional development, part network building and 100% community-focused.
Fellows are trained to be multidisciplinary creative community problem solvers and catalysts for change. They participate in a series of rigorous modules that build their communication, leadership, community building, visual, creative, and professional skills. Throughout their time in The Lab, Fellows interact with Los Angeles leaders and professionals building a robust professional network. They receive ongoing career counseling and mentoring to help them chart their own paths.

Urban Futures Lab is an equity and change-driven program, and an extension of Public Matters’ ongoing commitment to leadership development.



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